Donkeys, The Explorer’s Club, Gaspard Dance Company and Big Star

It was a busy, but very fun and rewarding weekend.  It started off with a trip to my friend Linda’s farm for a dozen eggs.  Her chickens lay more than she can eat, and that means I get the overflow from time to time.  In addition to chickens, Linda also has goats and two donkeys and an amazing indoor volleyball court.  Who has their own indoor volleyball court?  Linda.  She’s also one of the best volleyball players in the entire state and she coaches a lot of local teams.  She also plays a mean viola.  Here’s one of the donkeys.


From there I went to the Fidelitorium, Mitch Easter‘s studio in Kernersville, North Carolina, to record cello tracks for the Explorer’s Club.  They are working on a cool, but also sad, project.


The Explorer’s Club have been a band for the past 10 years and, after all this time, are parting and going their separate ways.  This is there last album.  It’s a collection of cover songs that they’ve played live and were chosen for the album by their fans; it’s their farewell gift to them.


On Sunday, I had another rehearsal with Gaspard and Dancers.  The piece we are working on is coming along very nicely.


And that was followed immediately with a performance with Chris Stamey and The Fellow Travelers at the Full Frame Film Festival.  We played songs from Big Star’s 3rd album to commemorate a documentary about that classic southern band.


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