Gaspard & Dancers – Performance

Last weekend I had the pleasure of performing with Gaspard & Dancers.  The reviews are in, and they are good.

dancersI had been rehearsing with this incredibly talented group for almost a year, and it was wonderful to see all the parts come together in a performance.

The dance and the music were based on group improvisations from the first rehearsals.  Over time, bits and pieces were selected and refined, but the music remained highly improvisational, with only the structure of the piece set in stone.  I knew when to create certain textures and moods, but specific notes were not determined until the moment they were played.

single_dancerAs a result, the dancers, Amanda, Dominique, Bill, Dana, Alain, Emily, Kristen, Leah and Shaun-Avery, and I, were able to create a fundamental and flexible link between the sounds and motions.  The music did not control them – but responded to them – and likewise, they responded to the music.  In my own mind, I like to think that the music joined the dance and was a partner in it.

This shared “energy”, for lack of a better word, is a magical thing that can only be found in a live performance.  Spontaneous actions leading to reactions and then back again can’t be recorded and played back later.  It exists solely in the moment.

That isn’t to say that musical magic can’t be recorded – it can, but it is different.  My music, of course, is meant to be recorded and listened to, but it is also meant to be performed.  And this is something I’ve kept in the back of my mind this year as I’ve recorded an album of songs.  As the new year approaches, I’ve started to dream of bringing these recordings to life.

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