October – The Whistle

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Folks, we’ve made it to October! The 10th month of the year, and my 10th Song of the Month song. I never thought we would get this far, but with all of your support, we have.  It’s been a great journey, and I’m already making plans for next year.  However, before we pull out the champagne, I’m going to put these songs together and have an album ready by mid December…or really early January.  You’ll hear more about it soon.


Notice the circled “V2” for “Version 2”. Version 1 was… well, let’s just be glad there’s a version 2.

Have we waited long enough?

Here’s the deal.  The album will be called “Postcards from Home, Volume 1”.  It comes from an unexpected, yet amazing, result of this project.  I didn’t start out thinking that writing songs would be a great way to connect with friends and family, but that’s what happened.  Each month I sent out a new tune with a little note scratched on the back saying what I’ve been up to.  Then you wrote back.  You told me what was going on in your life, what you had done, and what you had hoped to do.  Some of you have even threatened to start your own monthly project, and I can’t wait to see that happen.

That’s the story of the title.  As much as I’ve enjoyed song writing, singing and arranging music, the part I love the most is keeping in touch.


The ukulele sometimes sends postcards to the banjo.

p.s. The beautiful backing vocal was provided by Andrea Connelly, of Birds and Arrows. I take voice lessons from her and without those and her encouragement, my songs would be instrumentals!  Expect to hear more of these collaborations in the upcoming year.

p.p.s. Here’s the chart!

p.p.p.s.  If you don’t already get an email from me each month about these songs, but you’d like one, feel free to sign up.  I promise not to abuse your email, or sell it or anything like that.  And you don’t have to write back if you don’t want to.  Enjoying the music is enough.

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4 thoughts on “October – The Whistle

  1. Barbara Kelley says:

    Once more your music makes me respond on some very wistful and elementary level. There is a quality there seldom achieved by other musicians. Fantastic!

    1. Josh says:

      So glad to hear you’re liking the song! I’m pretty excited about it!

  2. Fletcher says:

    I always look forward to every month to listen to your uplifting songs. I am so glad you are going to put out these songs into an album. Congratulations to you. I look forward to it. You used one of my favorite female vocalists as your background vocal. Love Andrea’s voice, but I think you already know that.

    1. Josh says:

      Andrea is the best! Thanks so much.

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