Song 48 – Psycho Killer

I end each year with a cover song and this is one of my all time favorites, “Psycho Killer” by Talking Heads. This live video is from my New Year’s Eve concert at the West End Wine Bar and was the last song in a short, but incredibly intense set. My voice was shot, and my cello was having all kinds of difficulties, but with Brian Risk on bass, Robert Cantrell on drums and special guest, John Gillespie, on guitar we had a super fun time. We also got to play with one of my favorite bands, The Drowning Lovers.

I hope everyone had a wonderful 2016 and I wish lots of luck for everyone who made a resolution this New Years! My goals for 2016 are to keep the music and the videos up and to produce more StatQuests! Can I do one StatQuest every month? I’m going to try!

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