Song 52 – Evil Genius

Over the years I’ve told a lot of stories about the moment a song came to me. Usually the story describes me in the shower, a special, private time that doesn’t lend itself to video. This song, however, was different. I came up with the chorus while sliding down the side of a hill over the winter holiday. And I have a video of it. The exact moment. Here’s the video – the bit right after I hoot – that’s when the song appeared in my head.

This song is related to “That Dude In The Movies“. Both songs are about how I get lost in the fantasy of movies and imagine what it would be like to be the hero (or, sometimes, the villain). But, inevitably, I have to come back to reality and admit that as cool as it would be to save the whole world from aliens, I’m just me, doing what I do.


Folks, I can’t thank Brain Risk and Robert Cantrell enough for helping me out with this tune. I gave them a vague plot line for a story, and they turned it into an epic movie with a cast of 1,000s. Their input can not be overstated, and I feel so lucky to have such talented collaborators. If you’d like to sing or play along with this tune, here’s the song sheet.

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