Song 54 – Your Dark Side

First things first! My new album, Greene Street is out! It includes all 12 songs from last year, remixed and mastered, plus a bonus track (rounding the album out to a nice baker’s dozen). “Remixed and mastered” means the drums “pop” more than before, the vocals are clearer and there are lots of other fixes that make these the “final versions” of the songs. You can stream it or buy it – every penny (and then some) goes right back into the music.

Now onto this month’s song…

I actually wrote this song back in December, 2016 and intended it to kick off the 2017 cycle. Brian, Robert and I worked on it a few times in early January, but it was clearly not ready to be recorded. It needed something to change, but no one could put their finger on exactly what that was. To be honest, I didn’t understand it. Even though I wrote the song, I had no idea what the chorus meant.

The chorus was the first part of the song that I wrote. As always, I was in the shower. I remember singing the chorus over and over, even after I turned the water off, thinking, “Wow, this is fun!” Since it was fun, I didn’t worry too much about understanding the words – I just ran with them and quickly wrote the verses. But like I said, once we tried to play the song, it didn’t work. It needed something. I put this one on the back burner and recorded A New Song¬†instead.

Here’s an iceberg floating away from a glacier I saw in Alaska with family.

Now fast forward five months to May, when I was recording The Sum of Regrets. That song describes an emotional struggle that I constantly fight and I had a lot of reservations about how graphic the lyrics were. But while I was working on that, I had this chorus,”Show me what you’ve got/I might like it might not/Don’t be afraid of your dark side”, running through my head. It was then that I realized what “Your Dark Side” was all about. The chorus was for me. It was encouraging me to open up about the feelings that I usually keep very well hidden. I was telling myself to just go for it, to let it all hang out. And I did, and in response a lot of people told me I’d recorded my best song yet. But I couldn’t have done it without this one.

Alaska was shockingly lush. Ferns grew taller than me.

Once I finally understood the chorus, recording it was easy. Actually, this song came together in record time (no pun intended). Probably because it had been with me for so long.

Folks, it’s been a great month! As you may have guessed from the pictures, I had a wonderful trip to Alaska (a place I’ve wanted to go to ever since I was in 3rd grade) with family and I celebrated the anniversary of my second hernia surgery with a new tenor guitar (featured in this song). If you’d like to sing or play along with the tune, here’s the song sheet.

Every post needs at least one cat picture!

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