Song 57 – Employee of the Week

This month’s song is the retelling of a true story. It’s a story about a friend who was working for a software company. At the time, he was doing well. Not only did he finish his assigned tasks in a timely manner, he brought a lot of fresh ideas to the projects he worked on.

Each week the employees at this company were allowed to vote on the “employee of the week”. This was their opportunity to show their appreciation to a coworker who had gone above and beyond of what was expected of them; someone who made work a better place. One week, everyone voted for my friend.

So much fluff!

His co-workers appreciated everything he did, but the people higher up didn’t. They didn’t like his fresh ideas because they were good ideas, and they wanted the credit for them. They didn’t want anyone beneath them bring good, new ideas to work because it was competition. They thought it looked bad when they weren’t the ones with the deep insight about what to do next. So, on the same day that his coworkers voted him to be “Employee of the Week”, the people higher up fired him.

Poe’s all stretched out.

When my friend first told me about this, I couldn’t believe my ears. How could the management be so short sighted? Rather that doing what was best for the company, they just wanted what was best for themselves, and in a very limited and short term sense of what’s “best”. In some way, everyone, even management, depended on new ideas to keep the company’s product fresh and desirable. Without them, the company would fail and, ultimately, everyone would be fired. Firing someone because they were too good at coming up with the next big thing seemed like cutting out your heart because it was too good at beating.

The good news is that it wasn’t long before my friend had a new job and he’s found a place that appreciates his work and his ideas. It’s funny the way life does that some times. We find ourselves in bad situations, but unable to leave on our own accord. But then someone forces us to move, and sometimes that move was the best thing that ever happened.

Red can stretch out too.

Folks! I hope you had a great month! I was traveling a bunch, but it was all fun. Robert and I performed a piece of music that we wrote together in New York with a dance company. I also had the chance to spend a weekend at the beach with friends. I had plans to visit my parents in Florida, but hurricane Irma changed those, so I’ll visit next weekend.

If you liked the song and would like to sing or play along with it, here’s the song sheet!

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