Song 59 – Snow

Holy Smokes!!! I got lucky this month. Not only did Miriam Chicurel-Bayard lend her amazing voice to this song, but Sophia Whitmire made this incredible video for it. I highly recommend watching it a few times – it gets better every time.

A view of Jamaica’s beautiful coastline.

This song is my mediation on snow, its beauty and the hassle it brings. Both of these concepts are relatively abstract this year, since North Carolina has had a pretty mild fall. Even though it’s December, we still have colorful trees that haven’t lost all their leaves yet.

A view of Jamaica’s beautiful Blue Mountains.

Last month I went to Jamaica to teach statistics at a conference. The conference was fantastic and I really enjoyed meeting the other participants and hearing about their research. Once that was over I spent the next week driving around the island being a tourist. Highlights of the trip included a hike to the top of Blue Mountain (which is surprisingly tall at 7,400 feet), an incredibly stressful drive to and from the Blue Mountains (I can’t warn you enough DO NOT attempt this unless you have experience driving off road in mountainous terrain – instead hire a driver – I learned the hard way), a beautiful day at Ian Fleming’s old house, a wonderful avocado richer than any that I had eaten at home, and some fantastic hospitality.

A view of Poe!

Folks! I hope you enjoy this months song and I hope you have a wonderful December and holiday season. If you’d like to sing or play along with this one, here’s the song sheet.

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