Song of the Month

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In late 2012, I thought to myself, “wouldn’t it be fun to write and record a song each month next year?”  That thought led to a resolution, and that resolution led to an album, and I’m having too much fun to stop.  This page provides a permanent place for the links to each tune.

Below are the rough and unmastered mixes that I released each month.

If you want to get fancy (and support me at the same time), you can by the final albums on iTunes, Amazon or Bandcamp.

~ 2017 ~

  • Song #51 – The Rainbow

  • Song #50 – Mr. Haddy 

  • Song #49 – A New Song

~ 2016 ~

  • Song #48 – Psycho Killer

  • Song #47 – The Coldest Day of the Year

  • Song #46 – I Love You

  • Song #45 – Roses

  • Song #44 – Nasty Weather

  • Song #43 – Maybe It’ll Go Away

  • Song #42 – Another Day

  • Song #41 – Say Your Goodbyes

  • Song #40 – Deal With It

  • Song #39 – Rachel’s Song

  • Song #38 – Now or Never

  • Song #37 –
    All I Ask


~ 2015 ~

  • Song #28 April – Look Away: Projecting outward can require introspection to balance things out.

  • Song #32 August – Oceans: This song’s based on a picture a friend drew a few years back.

  • Song #33 September – That’s Alright: Here’s a fun song that was recorded live and shows the whole band!

~ 2014 ~

  • Song #13 January – Up In the Air:  A 13 hour plane ride gives you lots of time to either sleep, watch movies, or write songs.  I choose the later.

  • Song #18 June – You: A bumpy ride in a plane turned out to be the perfect inspiration for a quiet and personal song.

  • Song #19 July – Cabin Pressure: A random encounter with and old friend turned the mundane into something beautiful.

  • Song #24 December – Amadeus: You know and love this song. Enjoy it now with 100% more cello, mandolin, ukulele and tabla!


~ 2013 ~

  • Song #1 January – Strangely WarmThe inaugural tune for 2013.  A rather upbeat song for voice, ukulele, mandolin and cello.

  • Song #5 May – I’d Rather Be With You: Sometimes a relaxing trip to the beach isn’t so relaxing, but if you’re with the right people, it can still be the best trip ever.

  • Song #6 June – Way Too Soon: Awkward moments are, well, awkward, but we can’t let a little something like that get in the way of having a good time.

  • Song #7 July – Time To Go: Moving on in life is hard for so many reasons, but it’s what we have to do from time to time to get the most out of everything.