June – You

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In early June I was on a plane headed to Denver to visit family. The pilot, trying his best to imitate Chuck Yeager’s relaxed and confident voice, said to expect significant turbulence. In the best of situations, my ability to read while moving is iffy, so I put away the crossword book and the neuroscience manuscript that a friend sent me. Skymall would have to wait.


A pond in north western Colorado.

With four hours of flying time ahead and nothing to do, I closed my eyes and let my mind wander. I wasn’t trying to sleep, I was just letting my brain goof off – letting it go where it wanted and enjoying the ride. I thought about seeing the huge circular farms and fields from the plane as we approached Denver. I thought about the mountains and wondered if Mark Twain, on his way to San Francisco, went over them or around. And that’s when this month’s song appeared. The words, melody, and arrangement all came at once. As if it was a song I’d been singing since I was a kid.

The four hours went by quickly and when the plane landed, I remembered the song, but not the turbulence. I wrote the words on the back page of the neuroscience manuscript and left the airport for the hills. The tune was clearly going to be my “June song”, but, to be honest, this intimidated me. Until now, my songs have been dense arrangements with instrument after instrument stacked on one another. I love doing this. To me, it’s like painting a rich picture, one coat of paint at a time. This song, however, was different. I tried to imagine more textured arrangements, but the simple one that came to me at first was the only one that felt right.

When I returned home, I practiced singing the song a few times and then hit record and about an hour later, the whole thing was done.  I guess sometimes I get lucky.

When I retrurned home, I had the wonderful opportunity to play with Gaspard and Dancers at the American Dance Festival.

When I returned to North Carolina, I also had the wonderful opportunity to play with Gaspard and Dancers at the American Dance Festival.

Folks! It’s been a great month. For me, it was busy (I played shows with Gaspard and Dancers, Felix Obelix and Bombadil), but very rewarding. I hope yours was just as satisfying. If you liked the song, feel free to pass it on to your friend, or have them sign up for the mailing list. And if you’d like to learn the song, here’s the chart!

4 thoughts on “June – You

  1. This song made me feel a little ridiculous because my cat was staring at me while I listened to it. In any case, I hope you were able to order a Slanket on the way home, Josh!

    1. Josh says:

      I got two of them!

  2. Fletcher McNeill says:

    Love coming into Denver and seeing majestic mountains. Thanks for the tune. Like the way it builds.

    1. Josh says:

      Thanks Fletcher!

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