March – Lucky To Be Alive

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Is there anyone out there that doesn’t like singing in the shower? That’s where I wrote this song. I was in Bagan, Burma, washing the day’s dust off and this one just came to me, verses, choruses and everything all at once.

Sunrise in Bagan.

Sunrise in Bagan.

During the afternoon, while I was puttering around pagodas, I had been thinking about a time when I was really young. On the playground I had just learned the saying, “sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me”. It seemed to me like a pretty clever response to teasing and other juvenile torments. Later in the day, I mentioned it to my mother and she looked at me and said, “if only that were true.” I asked what she meant by that, because the only pain I knew came from, well, you know, sticks and stones. She told me that broken bones heal relatively easily, but the scars that words carve into us take much, much longer to heal.

At the time I was too young to understand what she said. I knew that she was saying something serious, but, having just brushed off insults at school without a second thought, I couldn’t imagine how much damage words could do to me. Since then I’ve learned that she was right. Sadly, it’s something everyone learns.

However, about the same time I learned the “sticks and stones” saying, I also learned about forgiveness. Like my mother’s comments, I didn’t understand it until much later in life. However, I’ve found that forgiveness is the only thing that heals the wounds that words inflict. It frees me from them and lifts my spirits.

The west entrance to the Shwe Dagon pagoda in Yangon.

The west entrance to the Shwe Dagon pagoda in Yangon.

Folks! It’s been a great month! It was busy at times, but I got a lot done and was able to spend time with very good friends. However, I’m super excited about April! My new CD, Germany Zulu, is coming out!!!!! The release show will be at The Cave in Chapel Hill on April 17. I’ll be playing with a full band, and The Drowning Lovers will open up. The show starts at 9, so come if you can. Otherwise, you can pre-order the limited edition CD or pre-order the songs on iTunes and Amazon!

And, as always, if you’d like sing or play along, here’s the song sheet.

6 thoughts on “March – Lucky To Be Alive

  1. Fletcher says:

    Good fortune on your CD release party. You know who would do merch if I was local!! Wish I could be there, but will send positive vibes in your direction on the 17th.

    1. Josh says:

      Thanks Fletcher!!!!

  2. J R says:

    Love the song!

    1. Josh says:

      Thanks so much!

  3. amblin says:

    Going to release digitally somewhere other than iTunes? Bandcamp maybe?

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