Song 58 – A Song For Only You

Songs 1-57 were practice for this one. This is what I had in mind when I started recording songs 58 months ago, but I didn’t know how to write it back then; I didn’t know how to play the parts, I didn’t know how to sing the words and I hadn’t lived enough. So I practiced, month after month, trying new styles and arrangements each time. For every song that I shared, I wrote two or three others that were never recorded. However, those songs were not wasted, because they, too, were how I practiced for this one. What you hear in this song isn’t just what I hear in my head when I think of it, but it is what I wanted to hear in my head so many years ago.

Now that it’s a little cooler, Red and Poe like to snuggle up next to each other.

You may be wondering, with all this talk about how this new song is “the song”, if it will be my last, but I can assure you that instead of this being an end, it is a beginning. It makes me want to dig deeper and try harder to discover new songs within me that I can’t write today. I want to find the songs that I won’t be able to write for another 58 months. It is an exciting feeling.

Sometimes Poe likes to help fold the laundry…

The video paired with this song was made by my father Frank. In his retirement, he has found a new occupation. He studies water droplets and the effects of them smashing into each other. The results are beautiful. It amazes me that in such a controlled environment, where the water drops are timed and created with a computer that is synced to the camera, that each picture is unique. The smallest, imperceptible changes make gorgeous differences.

…and Red just likes resting on a chair.

I hope everyone has a wonderful November. I’m excited about an opportunity to travel to Jamaica to teach statistics and other data analysis techniques – and I’m sure I’ll have stories and songs to share about the experience. If you’d like to sing or play along with this month’s tune, heres the song sheet.

One thought on “Song 58 – A Song For Only You

  1. Barbara Kelley says:


    BEAUTIFUL and now that Alexia has told us, I can also say that this song does give me chills! You are a very talented man, cannot wait for the next 57! Barbara

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