Song 60 – She Blinded Me With Science

Just like painters, trying to improve their skills, copy the old masters, each year I try to recreate a classic song from my childhood. This year I choose Thomas Dolby’s “She Blinded Me With Science” – a study in rhythmic syncopation and instrumental layering.

Nerds of the world rejoice, “Satisfy her with science”!!!

One fun thing about this song is that it gave me an opportunity to feature some of my coworkers in the video. They (not just the people in the video, but all of my co-workers) are the hardest working people I know. You frequently hear about people who’ve dedicated their lives to a cause or a career – these people actually do it! They show up early, stay late and come in on the weekends – all because they love science and the prospect of discovering something new that could one day lead to a cure. They inspire me every single day and I am honored to work with them.

I almost pulled out all the stops for this song, but not quite…

Folks! It’s been a wonderful year. With this song we wrap up my 2017 offering, Beauty Must Suffer. The album, named after an old Italian saying, was an adventure that explored some highs (Snow, A Song For Only You, I’m Alive) and some lows (A New Song, Employee of the Week, The Sum of Regrets, The Rainbow) and some strange places in between (Brothers, Your Dark Side, Evil Genius, Mr. Haddy). Special thanks goes to all of my collaborators, Robert Cantrell, Brian Risk, Miriam Chicurel-Bayard, Sophia Whitmere, Dean Herrington, Hank Marr and David Digiuseppe. All of it was fun to create and I’m glad that you’ve been along for the ride.

…and one picture of Red to grow on…

I am excited about 2018!!!! I’ve got a big pile of songs to record, and I’m sure I’ll keep writing new songs as well. Thank you for your support during 2017 and I’ll see you again in just a few short weeks.

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